The Inspiring Faculty Program is designed by Harappa to train teaching professionals who actively educate learners from underserved sections of society. The program aims to empower teaching professionals with essential skills and pedagogical techniques to deliver high-quality education and positively impact the learning outcomes of their students.

The upGrad Foundation's mission is to upskill teachers and create a multiplier effect by nurturing a generation of enthusiastic and effective learners. This initiative aligns with the New Education Policy 2020, which emphasizes the importance of continuous professional development for teachers to ensure they have the necessary skills, knowledge, and pedagogical approaches to deliver quality education effectively.


To equip teaching professionals with the necessary tools, knowledge, and skills to become catalysts for change in the education sector. By focusing on specific needs of underserved learners, the program aims to:

  • Train teaching professionals to apply outcome-oriented pedagogical frameworks for robust learning
  • Sharpen communication skills to enhance teacher-student interactions and foster a positive learning environment
  • Emphasize active listening, clear articulation, non-verbal communication, and empathy-building techniques
  • Encourage teaching professionals to reimagine their roles as enablers, mentors, and facilitators
  • Foster a shift from traditional teacher-centered instruction to an approach that empowers students to take ownership of their learning, think critically, and develop problem-solving skills

  • Curriculum Design: The curriculum covers 17 must-have thrive skills, including outcome-oriented pedagogy, effective communication, learner-centered approaches, and innovative teaching methodologies.
  • Duration: 25 hours, to be completed within 3 months
  • Training Delivery: The program employs an asynchronous learning approach through online modules and short assignments.
  • Assessment and Certification: Various formative and summative assessments to assess participants' progress and learning outcomes. Upon completing the program, teaching professionals will receive a certification recognizing their enhanced skills and competencies from upGrad Foundation and Harappa.

  • The institution shall act as a coordinating body for providing technical support in scouting teaching professionals.
  • The institution shall provide shortlisted candidates to upGrad Foundation for awarding the Scholarships.
  • The institution shall act as the bridge between the above-mentioned audiences and the upGrad Foundation.
  • The institution shall facilitate partnership and online learning through their resource centers/computer facilities for participants who do not own digital devices.


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